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Tiffany Briggs

Tiffany Briggs 

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Lily Young

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In 2008 Tiffany completed her Pilates certification in 2010 she decided to get her certification in Pre and Post natal. She really wanted to help soon to be and new mamas feel good not only during their pregnancy but after as well as prevent and help treat diastasis. After that she did a Post rehab certification course to help people who had injuries or had surgeries and wanted or needed a place to go after physical therapy to help them bridge the gap between P.T. and everyday exercise regimen. She worked in a rehab facility and became exposed to strength training and decided to get certified in TRX, Strength training, Barre as well as Yoga. She is very form focused and hands on. Her passion for teaching really shows thru her classes.She opened the body collective so that she can help people not only look their best but feel their best all while creating a supportive community that everyone and anyone feels comfortable know matter what your level of fitness is!! Her classes will definitely push you and ,are you feel muscles you never thought you had!

Lily received her full Pilates certification in 2023 in Austin, Texas.She teaches our Pilates Tone class which is like reformer but on the mat and our 45 minute arms, abs and booty class. She also teaches the reformer classes as well as privates and semi privates at our CDM location. Her classes will leave you feeling stronger, energized and more confident!

Zephanie received her  certification in mat Pilates in 2023 and teaches our Pilates Burn class which is a heated Pilates mat class. She also teaches sculpt which is a full body Pilates inspired class that uses equipment and focuses on toning and strengthening your glutes, legs, arms, and core. Her classes will give you the ultimate burn! 

Hallie was certified in Sculpt in 2023. Her classes will get your heart pumping!! Hallie gives you sculpt combined with cardio for the ultimate fat burn and muscle sculpt! She has a way of pushing you to achieve your ultimate workout while  leaving you wanting more!! 

Jen teaches our Yoga and really mixes up all types of yoga to create the best class for our clients! She leaves your booty burning and your hamstrings all stretched out while getting your heart pumping but your body in the ultimate relaxation!! There is know one I would rather spend my Saturday mornings with to jump start my weekend! She is also an amazing Astrologer so she brings this amazing energy and calm peace to you. You will leave her classes like you just left a massage! 

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